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Jack Hydraulic movable 2m suitcase 135-345 mm GT0103 Intertool

  • Высота подъема, мм: 345
  • Грузоподъемность,кг: 2000
Jacks GT0103 is ideal for use with passenger cars and goods not exceeding 2m weight. The height of the pick-up is 135 mm, and the maximum lifting height is 345 mm. Jacks are often used in tire fitting and repair shops. They are easy and convenient to move on four wheels, two of which are rotated. the installation location of the jack are specified in the vehicle manual. The jack must stand on a flat hard surface. Otherwise, it may tip over. Car wheels need to slow down and substitute for them stops. Jack is driven rubberized handle of the pump, which is attached. In order to lift the load, it is necessary to fix the handle and close the shut-off valve by turning the handle clockwise. Hydraulic jacks raise the load for a short time, since under the action of the load, the working fluid flows slowly through the sealing ring and the ram descends. To hold the load in the raised position, and security necessary to use support under the machine. To lower the load, turn the handle counterclockwise. Jack for storage and transportation comes in a plastic case.

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