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Concrete 550W, 140L, 30ob • min DT-9140 Intertool

Concrete DT9140 - the average of the volume of the tank model of the entire line of mixers. The volume of the mixer tank is 140 liters. This model is perfect for the construction of small outbuildings, floor covering, for building fences. Like all other mixers, DT9140 tank has speed 30 rev / min. Motor power consumption is 550 Watts. Rotation of the tank is carried out by klinnoremennoy transmission which is connected to the motor. This type of transmission the rotational motion is the most practical as compared with the gear transmission. Advantages: of this type of transmission of rotational motion is the ability to quickly troubleshoot problems. A belt which transmits the rotational motion, can be quickly replaced in the event of breakage; moreover, in the case of jamming tank strap will act as a safety clutch and provernetsya that would not cause the load to the motor. Mixer crown piece and is made of cast iron, which clearly coincides with the leading star. Material manufacturing crown indicates durable and trouble-free operation. Another feature of the mixer DT9140 - a lever tilting the finished mixture. Lever for convenience configured as a steering wheel. With such a tilting lever which is ready mix and control the level of mixture discharged from the tank. Moreover, it is possible to fix the drum at any position via a retainer mounted on the tilting lever. For ease of use and transport of the mixer completely disassembled and quickly assembled. No need to take a lot of space in the garage or shed to store it. The design is so simple that even the most experienced user will deal with it in a matter of minutes. And for movement on the working surface of all mixers are equipped with two wheels for movement and support leg.

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