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Jack column odnoshtokovy 15t, 245-485 mm GT0027 Intertool

  • Высота подъема, мм: 425
  • Гарантия (мес): 3
  • Грузоподъемность,кг: 15000
  • Тип: домкрат "столбик" одноштоковый
This jack has a maximum load capacity of 15 tons. Of the main advantages of the jack can distinguish the following features: a simple and straightforward design; main pump handle with more, which increases the lever effect; grooved surface of the stem base prevents slippage; a smooth stroke. This model has a hydraulic jack suitable for heavy commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural machines. Rod (plunger) extends vertically upwardly to its maximum height 225425mm. Shut-off valve as in similar models with greater or lesser load capacity, it is at the lower base of the jack. This model of the jack can be used both in production and in the industry to raise kakogolibo cargo. When working with a jack, make sure that the surface on which you install the jack and level. It is strictly forbidden to lift a load weighing more than specified in the characteristics of the jack.

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